Super-digitalization: UTAG and OCP TECH Join Forces

Super-digitalization: UTAG and OCP TECH Join Forces

The tech giant acquired part of the agency in a move that will favor advanced integration in both the US and Latin American regions.

Miami — Aimed at channeling the digital transformation phenomenon and maximizing its impact, UTAG – a specialized communications solutions agency with an emphasis on technology – and OCP TECH – a leader in the technological market – have announced their newly formed partnership, made possible by the acquisition of a percentage of the agency by the technology company. The move will propel a revolution in the industry, drawing on two concepts that are more relevant today than ever before: communication and technology.

The companies, who already have a history of working together both in the United States and Latin American, decided to take this step now to face the needs and demands of the current market. This strategic union will allow the full potential of UTAG’s know-how, with its staff of expert professionals in marketing, communication and advertising, to join with the vast range of technological solutions that OCP boasts within the market. With technology as the driving force at the center of their partnership, UTAG specializes in generating products and solutions to help brands achieve their communication objectives in the digital world, and OCP TECH, has stood out in its field by having implemented some of the most important technological infrastructure and software development for cities, schools and consumer companies, with a long history of operations throughout the Americas.

“As a leader in our market, we are looking for a permanent way to be at the forefront of what our industry and our clients need. This acquisition will strengthen the competitiveness of both companies – generating more efficiency and optimizing of the processes and services of both,” asserts Leonardo Scatturice, CEO of OCP TECH.

Along the same line, María Flor Palazzolo, UTAG’s Chief Business Development Officer, explains that the move aims to reinforce the client experience in guaranteeing a complete digital transformation for their companies, while also looking to expand the reach of their services to even more industries and clients. “The challenge in the area of technology communication lies in combining software and hardware solutions in an integral way. When we talk about digitalization today, often times we only think of technological tools, but the challenge lies in the correct applications, combinations and functionality as well, joining the soft with the hard in order to accelerate systems, improve products, understand data, and generate efficient processes,” insists the executive.

Convinced that the partnership will enrich productivity in both companies at all levels across the board, and take advantage of their combined resources at a maximum level, Scatturice highlights another aspect of the acquisition he considers invaluable in today’s industry: “We are proud to take this step with UTAG who, besides being a big industry player, is a company led by three strong, female executives, exclusively Latin American talent, and fueled by a tireless entrepreneurial spirit – leading an important trend in an industry habitually led by men.”

At the same time, the partnership falls within an empowerment strategy from Optimum Capital Partners that, besides merging the two companies, also encompasses a portfolio of leading companies across different industries. In this way, the association gathers strength through a vertical concentration of companies aimed at synergizing resources and consolidating clients’ entire production processes. Within the network of companies that complement the merger between UTAG and OCP TECH, an important one is NOT ONLY DATA (NOD), a firm that stands out in the communications market for their press, public relations, data mining, digital intelligence and political communication.

About UTAG:
UTAG belongs to a new generation in digital marketing agencies, providing intelligent communication solutions with a focus on technology. Based in Buenos Aires and Miami, their clear vision of the market comes from competitive operations in both North and Latin America. Their list of clients includes Salesforce, Amerant Bank, Nike, PepsiCo, and Marriott. As a company that generates products and develops technological solutions to speed up processes in the digital world, UTAG aims at expanding its clients’ capacities.

For more information, visit utag.io or contact us at hello@utag.io

OCP TECH is an American company with annual services surpassing 150 million dollars each year, and with operations all over the world. It is the parent company for other organizations and has offices throughout Latin America. For more information, visit www.ocp.tech.



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